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PBG Podcast Episode 143

20-07-2018 Potbelly Gamers

In which our heroes discuss Comic Con 2018 announcments, James Gunn controversey and POUTINE! All this and more on another heart warming, family-focused episode of the Potbelly Gamers Podcast! Download Episode

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VGS Show 556 - Kurt's Really Plugging Away (7.17.18)

18-07-2018 Video Games Show

Seriously, Kurt was full of the plugs this week.  Heck, I forgot halfway through what show I was listening to.  Join Rich, Bob, Matt, Kurt and Addy for an all new VGS.  We, as always, spend time reading your emails, talk Mo Game Con 2018 and general convention advice, the release of Sonic Mania Plus, Matt discovers Captain Toad on the 3DS, Rich spends his last show in his 30s...

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it’s the San diego comic con pre show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17-07-2018 Fantastic Forum

Its the pre san diego comic con show !! Moses Lawrence Jo and OZ are in the same room which can be rare occurance. This episode is a little looser than the others. 3/4 of us partake in the states legal recreational herbal remedies. we partied so hard that we had to have Tigerclaw record the show remotely. hopefully he edited it too. at one point the BOSSMAN derrick H...

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Knuckleballer SUMMERTIME!

16-07-2018 Knuckleballer Radio

full crew and a fantastic full show- THANKS KNUCKLEBALLERS! Download Episode

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Episode 296 TheWalkingDead

16-07-2018 ZombieCast

Episode 295 JULY 16, 2018 We are ZombieCast.net and ZombieResearchSociety.com This week we talk current horror stuff plus Hotel Trans 3 HORROR GOODNESS and a ton more of current topics Please Leave us a Review! us a Review!

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Screen Splitters: Episode 2

16-07-2018 Gaming History 101

Intro Track: Credits - Soleil/Crusader of Centy 02:04 E3 catch up Me10dys E3 thoughts Co-op games from E3 15:46 Unravel Two general discussion 36:22 Life is Strange - Me10dys thoughts and discussion (NO SPOILERS) 44:20 The A Download Episode

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Midwest Wasteland - Dating

14-07-2018 Video Game News

Classic Midwest Wasteland Download Episode

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Season 12, Episode 26

14-07-2018 In-Game Chat

We’re way too thrilled for JULY FOURTEENTH at the following link. In gaming, whenever you find something new (it’s actually not very new at all) and it’s a lot of fun you really want to tell people about it. Especially when it seems like no one else knows anything about it. That’s where I am Download Episode ...

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PBG Podcast Episode 142

12-07-2018 Potbelly Gamers

In which our heroes discuss Batman #50, Demolition Man and we have technical difficulties at the 1 hour and 25 min mark! All this and more on another heart warming, family-focused episode of the Potbelly Gamers Podcast! Download Episode

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The B-Team Episode 477 for July 12, 2018

11-07-2018 The B-Team

Shadow Warrior 2 Jurrasic World Evolution Mario Tennis Aces Splatoon 2 Lumines Remastered God of War Overwatch Download Episode

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“…and then I get mad”

11-07-2018 Fantastic Forum

on this episode Lawence and oz review Marvel’s hit movie, “Ant Man and The Wasp.” hey talk about their instagram war. Moses reviews Amaing Spiderman #1. And as alwas they lampoon all of the week’s news. Download Episode

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Knuckleballer Millions

10-07-2018 Knuckleballer Radio

This week Freeman,Sodoom and Chaos TALK ABOUT LIFE AND SUDDEN LIFE CHANGING EVENTS and We talk a ton OF EVENTS AND New News Stories Download Episode

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We Are Changing and Here’s What You Can Expect

10-07-2018 Gaming History 101

Gaming History 101 was purchased by Fred in October of 2011 with the dream of a comprehensive blog that looked back at the history of gaming, but also remained cognoscente of the present and future gaming could provide.  We always knew that that as time went on the discussion would change, the context of history would be affected, and the longer we created content the more surgical these topics would...

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Gaming Tech 101: Getting The Best Out Of Your Console

09-07-2018 Gaming History 101

Fred gives a run down of all of the cables, video signals, and ways to get the best signal out of each and every console in a roughly 90 minute podcast. Download Episode

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The B-Team Episode 476 for July 9, 2018

08-07-2018 The B-Team

Frostpunk Mario Tennis Aces Battle Chef Brigade Splatoon 2 + Octo Expansion Lumines Remastered God of War Battlechasers Download Episode

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