Destructoid gives its predictions for the next decade of gaming

  • Written by Destructoid

At the close of the last decade, otherwise known as two weeks ago, the video game industry was once again in a state of flux. In fact, the industry has been in flux for most of the 2010s. From the explosion of mobile at the start of the decade to the decentralized platforms of cloud gaming at the end, the past ten years have been perhaps the most adventurous the medium has seen since the '80s.

Just think about everything that was introduced in the last decade. Virtual reality headsets are now mass consumer products. AR is a thriving technology on smartphones. Streaming has turned gaming from a personal hobby into its own form of broadcast entertainment. Esports exploded with games like League of Legends and Overwatch. Gaming today looks quite different from what it was a decade ago.

The same will be true in 2029. Technology that is considered the norm right now may only exist as retro hardware in ten years. It's impossible to know exactly where gaming is going, but we asked the Destructoid staff to give their predictions on what this industry will look like a decade from now. Check out what we have to say below and tell us your predictions in the comments.

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