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Nvidia's "Project Shield" Gaming Device is Introduced

Written by RealMsH


Nvidia's "Project Shield" System

Just when you may have thought the playing field for video game systems was becoming constrained, in "walks" another system to vie for your gaming dollars.  Just introduced is a handheld console by Nvidia called "Project Shield."  With this device, you can not only play games, but you will also be able to stream games wirelessly to your television. The system has a 720p retina screen with a 5" display, and looks very similar to a game pad complete with the curve-like handles. The portable console is said to have "stunning high-definition video and audio."


Nvidia "Project Shield" in closed position

Nvidia is not a stranger to the tech world.  If you played video games within the last twenty years or so, you have probably played on a system that uses Nvidia hardware. In fact, the company got into the chip business side of things back in 1993, then moved on to processors in smart phones, mobile devices,  as well as other PC ventures.  The company even has its hands in powering the MacBook Pro Retina and gaming PCs.


"Project Shield" is a hand held portable device.

To date, it has not been revealed if the system will launch with its own set of games.  It is known that "Project Shield" is  an android based console, touting games available from Google Play and Nvidia's own TegraZone.

Release date and price information were unavailable at press time.


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