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World War A. G. - Red Alert 3 Tournament

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Tank Rush! The Classic Action Strategy game becomes the battlefield for the World War A.G. Red Alert 3 Tournament! Players will Skirmish until only a single victor remains. The prize is a Hot Wheels Atari Nostalgia Missle Command Vehicle, but the real reward is playing a fun game with good people and then crushing them into the mud under your tank treads.

Go up against other RTS generals from the All Games community in multiplayer battles until only one remains. Plan and strategize your way to victory using everything from attack dogs to nuclear missles in one of the most all encompasing, destructive, and just plain fun RTS games ever. 

atari missle command hotwheels




Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 for the PC is available on Steam and Origin

Time: 2pm EST / 11am PST  Saturday 1/19


Meet in the Tournaments 01 lobby
Join game - 'World War AG'
Password - 'allgames'
The host will be 'varaces'


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