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A.X.L. Movie Review by Ms. H

Written by RealMsH

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Introduction to the A.X.L Movie Review by Ms. H

It has been awhile since I’ve seen a relatively entertaining science-fiction-type movie so I decided to give the A.X.L. movie a try. Having seen previews for the A.X.L. movie, I knew the synopsis centered around a robotic dog. However, the storyline surrounding the robotic dog was unknown to me prior to seeing the movie. Is A.X.L. an entertaining movie worth your time?  Check out my movie review to find out why or why not.

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Storyline of the A.X.L. Movie

In a nutshell, the movie is about the discovery of a robotic dog that was found by the main character of the movie Miles Hill as played by Alex Neustaedter.  He subsequently introduces the robotic dog to his romantic interest Becky G who played the character of Sara Reyes. Of course, this robotic dog is composed completely of metal, so it behooves me how anyone could feigh emotional attachment to it.  However, this was done by Alex Neustaedter’s character who goes so far as to insist that Becky G’s character does not refer to the machine as an “it” but a “he.” I knew the movie would go downhill quickly after these scenes -- which unfortunately it did.

Action Scenes in the A.X.L. Movie

On a positive note -- the movie begins with action-packed motocross racing. From this standpoint, the movie got off to a good start albeit this was short-lived.  As the A.X.L. movie progresses, the actions become repetitive and rather boring. For example, there are chase scenes where in some instances the robotic dog places himself in front of Alex Neustaedter’s character as sort of a bridge for motorbike jumps.  The first time this was done was interesting; however, when it was done once again during the movie, it became repetitive.

There was also a couple of crashes in the movie involving Alex Neustaedter’s character. The initial crash was not as drastic as the second one. In fact, the second crash involved Miles Hill falling off a huge mountain while the first crash was more of a rough and tumble one.  Interesting enough, as a result of the first crash, he suffered a bruise to his neck, but showed no injuries at all it seemed during the second crash. As a side note, the scar on Miles Hill’s neck mysteriously kept changing in size and shape throughout the movie.

Protagonists in the A.X.L. Movie

It was predictable to me that Alex MacNicoll’s character who pretended to be Miles Hill’s friend would turn on him -- which, of course happened.  What was Miles Hill’s reaction to this betrayal? Instead of becoming angry, he exhibited no outrage, disdain, or any animosity towards a person who he thought was at one time his friend.

Another protagonist in the movie was the robotic dog’s inventor Dominic Rains who played the character of Andric -- who somehow was able to see the actions of the dog from his office or command post.  My question is why didn’t he rescue the robotic dog when it was in the trash pile -- Especially since he used drones to seek out the dog. Along this vein of questioning -- how was Alex Neustaedter’s character able to repair the dog in the first place by simply replacing parts of the robotic dog with pieces of metal  from his motorbike? Simply put, I think the audience’s intelligence was insulted when these scenes were shown.

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Assessment of the A.X.L. Movie

The A.X.L. movie was suited more for television instead of the big screen.  I used my MoviePass to see  A.X.L. which was a plus. In my opinion, A.X.L.  was a low budget movie that probably tried to profit off of some people’s affection for dogs. I think this movie probably will be a waste of your time. The movie A.X.L. was saved from being totally unwatchable by lasting only 1 hour and 40 minutes. However, even this amount of time can be too long when you are watching a movie that is not entertaining.

Rating of the A.X. L. Movie

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the highest, I rate the A.X.L. movie 1 1/2  stars.

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