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Kidnap: A Ms. H Movie Review

Written by RealMsH

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Introduction: From the title of the movie, you know someone is being kidnapped.  However, what surprised me about the movie was the manner in which the kidnapping was done.  I did not look at any previews of Kidnap, so there was an element of surprise when I found out just how this event happened. Without further ado, here's my movie review of Kidnap.Kidnap Halle Berry

Actors in the Movie Kidnap

I think casting did an excellent job of choosing Halle Berry to play the mother of the kidnapped small child in this movie.  It probably helped that Halle Berry is the producer of the movie as well.  That being said, the other actors were realistically depicted and they played their roles in a believable manner.   

Without a doubt, the standout actor in the movie Kidnap is the academy award-winning actor Halle Berry. From the moment her child was kidnapped to all the actions that transpired afterwards, Halle Berry delivered superb acting.  I particularly liked her facial expressions that showed how she was feeling without words. When the kidnapping first happened, due to Halle Berry’s acting skills, you could feel her sense of absolute terror and fright when she found out her son had been kidnapped.  Her acting was so on point, I don’t think it was necessary for her to voice some of her actions during the movie.  I guess this was done to make sure the audience knew the extent of her anxiety and determination to get her child back.  

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 Reason for Making the Movie Kidnap

Before seeing this movie, I thought the kidnapping took place without the mother knowing exactly what happened.  Since I did not see trailers or previews of Kidnap, I was under the impression the kidnapping happened at a bus stop, at home, etc. and the mother had no idea who did the kidnapping.  It was surprising to find out that not only did the mother see who kidnapped her child, but I was astonished at the extent of gross negligence she displayed in keeping up with him.  Of course, no one can be watched 24/7; however, I thought it was ludicrous for her to leave her child alone and to use a child monitor similar to a walkie-talkie for lack of a better term to keep up with him. To make matters worse, the child had a habit of playing hide and seek, which really set the stage for a kidnapping to occur if he was not being watched carefully and if there were unscrupulous people in the area.

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Spoiler Alert:  Before the kidnapping occurred, Halle Berry left her child alone on a bench in a crowded park to take a "private" phone call.  With her back turned to him, she would talk on the phone and periodically use the monitor to say “Marco.”  When her child heard her, he would respond “Polo.”  When he responded, she knew he was ok.  Of course the time came when the response of “Polo” did not come -- then the action and drama of the movie starts.

I know this is a movie, but I think the intelligence of the audience was insulted when the movie deliberately set up a situation where something like this kidnapping was bound to happen.  In other words, this kidnapping drama was forced and could have been avoided from the get go.  If the mother had simply kept her child beside her or kept her eyes on him, this kidnapping probably would not have happened.  If the kidnapping didn’t happen -- there would be no point in making the movie. 


Other Ludicrous Actions in Kidnap

There were many instances where the mother played by Halle Berry performed actions that showed flawed judgment.  One of the biggest mistakes was letting the strange kidnapping woman in her car after believing what the woman told her. The direction from the woman to Halle Berry was to follow her husband in the car ahead of them.  To make matters worse, she allowed the woman to sit behind her as she drove the minivan, placing herself in a vulnerable position.  Spoiler Alert: Even towards the end of the movie when a “neighbor” came in the kidnappers' house to supposedly help Halle Berry, it was silly to me for him to pretend that he was a friend of the neighbors who he could not believe were kidnappers.  Realistically, he probably would have attacked Halle Berry in some way to help carry out the plans of the kidnappers and not stand in front of her while coaxing the kidnapped children down from a hole in the ceiling.  Again, this is an example in my opinion of forced drama.fullsizeoutput c5e

Assessment of Kidnap

After seeing Kidnap, it's no wonder there was a lack of hype and promo behind it.  Kidnap, due to its plot which has been used many times before, was destined to bring in low numbers, both in dollars and attendance at the box offices. I think the movie studios saw no need to take away from profits by promoting a movie that would probably not bring in a big return.  As discussed earlier, due to the way the kidnapping occurred, the movie should not have been made in the first place, except to show parents and others what not to do when out in the park, or any place else for that matter, with a child or children. I’m giving Kidnap a higher score than it deserves simply because of the acting abilities of Halle Berry.  

Rating of Kidnap 

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the best, I rate Kidnap 1 ½ stars.


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