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21-08-2019 Dead Pixel Live

Dead Pixel Live deserves to be happy in this episode. Derrick finally fixes the audio and reveals his secret to mental health. Listeners send messages about the quality of the show. We take a quick look at Hyperspeed on Netflix. Why is the Lee family mad at Disney?  Download Episode

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VGS Show 581 - Enter Hella Dad!!! (Recorded 8.13.19)

21-08-2019 Video Games Show

So MO Game Con 2019 has come and gone and we are all a bit tired.  On top of all that, Matt is about to transform into the legendary Hella Dad!  Before that, Rich, Matt and special guest Andy sit down for one more VGS before our extended break.  We review MO Game Con, talk Genesis Mini, upcoming holiday game releases, get into some emails, and more.  Stay tuned to...

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Mom's Minute 8-19-19

17-08-2019 Mom's Minute

In keeping with the growing trend of eSports in video games, Ms. H discusses various video games that make up this genre on the 260th episode of her podcast. Ms. H announces the new name of her Mom's Minute podcast as Videogames and Tech Mom's Minute Podcast or VTMMP. For tech news, Ms. H talks about the garageband feature on Mac, as well as other software used to compose music...

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Season 13, Episode 30

17-08-2019 In-Game Chat

In the week since our last episode, I’ve put all of thirty whole minutes into Destiny 2. It’s been a long time since that game hasn’t consumed my week and while I was looking at the down time giving me a chance to explore some other games on my backlog, all I’ve actually done is Download Episode ...

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15-08-2019 Dead Pixel Live

Dead Pixel Live is upset in this episode. The audio issues continue, this time with Ms.H calling in and not being heard at all. Derrick has good (and bad) news about his employment situation.  Download Episode

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14-08-2019 Fantastic Forum

On this episode we celebrate our own silent assasin’s birthday !! We also discuss BH 90210, Swamp thing finale, the boys, and the week’s news.  Download Episode

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Mom's Minute 8-12-2019

11-08-2019 Mom's Minute

Ms. H stays on her streak of playing enjoyable video games during the 259th episode of the Mom’s Minute Splash Videogame Podcast or MMSVP.  Towards that end, she talks about the gameplay and graphics of the free PS4 video game Wipeout Omega Collection as well as new video games to be released.  Live discussion followed on WNBA in the upcoming video game NBA 2K20. She revisited the topic of 5G...

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