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PBG Podcast Episode 65

08-12-2016 Potbelly Gamers

In which our heros discuss the 2016 PSX Playstation Experience, all the awesome trailers that hit this week like Spider-man and Gaurdians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Brian's anime corner get derailed by technical difficulties! Download Episode

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Woman Up! Podcast #39 - 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

07-12-2016 Woman Up!

Gift Guide Time! OhCatrina, MisfitsTamara & SarahTheRebel talk Capcom Cup, PlayStation Experience, the new Guardians of the Galaxy 2 trailer and our picks for geeky gifts! Chick Picks:- Go follow https://twitter.com/HelloKittyRicki- The Walker Papers series - first book called Urban Shaman by C.E. Murphy - half Native American/Irish female protagonist- Please support Standing Rock http://www.commondreams.org/views/201... GIFT GUIDEGeneral Tips:- ThinkGeek for nerdy home goods- Video game official stores (BioWare, Capcom, 2K...

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HorsePLAY! EP156 - Game Awards 2016 Winner & Infinite Warfare Online SUCKS

07-12-2016 Horseplay

Yogi pisses Obi off by reminding him about how terrible Infinite Warfare is online. Obi plays the "Xbox One fanboy" card out of desperation.. LOL.. BUT B4 we get into it, peep our sponsor - The... Join us for an interactive Twitch experience. Tons of shenanigans & love 4 streamers, Hearthstone, indie games, tech, & geeks! http://twitch.tv/geekyantics 646-801-2149 mail@geekyantics.net Download Episode ...

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VGS Show 520 - The Sweet Physical Release (12.6.16)

06-12-2016 Video Games Show

Post Thanksgiving and hot on the heels of Christmas, the crew returns for a new VGS.  Rich, Chuck, Jake & Bob sit around the table and discuss all kinds of crazy things, from child birth, Jake's obsession with Limited Run Games, Sony's keynote, one crazy Metroid code that can have killer consequences, why we all might go to Build-A-Bear, and so much more. ...

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Dead Pixel Live : PR ep 117

06-12-2016 Dead Pixel Live

Dead Pixel Live counts down this episode. DerrickH  checks the zietgeist and counts down the top 10 consoles of the week once again. Download Episode

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Episode 206 - Bzzzzzzzzz - 01/11/16

06-12-2016 42 Level One

This week on 42 Ali and Andy shoot the breeze and talk all things videogames! #Videogames #Movies #TV #Comics y'all! Tune in live on www.allgames.com every Tuesday at 9:30pm GMT (4:30 EST, 1:30 PST) and join us in the chat! Check out our website for reviews, features and the podcast archive! www.42levelone.com Download Episode

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The First Annual GH101 Game of the Year Awards (1996)

05-12-2016 Gaming History 101

Everyone’s got a bunch of Game of the Year award shows starting around this time, but how many can say they are celebrating the titles that came out 20 years ago.  Fred and Jam take a bunch of retro games, a bunch of retro categories, and make the award show we should have gotten in 1996 but never did. Download Standard Podcasts Download...

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Season 10, Episode 48

04-12-2016 In-Game Chat

We’re complaining about awards at the following link. “Often in video games we get to choose how we’re seen. Our avatars and our tweets and the work that we do are all meant to portray the story that we want to tell the world about why our lives matter. But sometimes the story is written Download Episode ...

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Mom's Minute 12-05-2016

04-12-2016 Mom's Minute

Ms. H welcomes everyone to Mom's Minute Video Game Show's 208th episode. Oculus Rift demo at Best Buy is discussed as well as Ms. H's upcoming demo of PlayStation VR. Ms. H shares news of her review of the Oculus Rift demo available at http://www.allgames.com.  The video game character of the week, Anne Bonny of Assassin's Creed is discussed along with the celebrity video gamer Marion Cotillard who stars in...

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Cotton on my HEAD!

03-12-2016 Knuckleballer Radio

for Freeman's sound as he is getting a new mic! Download Episode

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TWTT EP63 - Super Mario Bros 2 & 3, Bubble Bobble & The Game Awards 2016

02-12-2016 Timey Wimey Tea Time

Proudly sponsored by the puppets that portray real-life puppets, The Puppet Farm - creators of Trumpty Dumpty! http://puppet.farm After we figure out some tech stuff, Oolong wows Derrick H of... Friends gather to discuss Doctor Who, sci-fi, fantasy, creative writing, poetry, beauty, and other things geeks speak. LIVE - http://twitch.tv/GeekyAntics SMS/VM 646-801-2149 twtt@geekyantics.net Download Episode

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The B-Team Episode 393 for December 2, 2016

01-12-2016 The B-Team

speedrunners Elder Scrolls Online CoD Infinite Wingsuit VR Abzu Hyper Light Drifter Homeworld Deserts of Karrak Final Fantasy 15 Download Episode

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PBG Podcast Episode 64

01-12-2016 Potbelly Gamers

In which our heroes discuss the winners of the 2016 Video Game Awards.  Brian's anime corner is take over by Batman Vs. Superman bashing and Glenn defending his love for Sucker Punch.  Anthony has some initial impressions of Final Fantasy XV in what could become an ongoing series. Download Episode

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HorsePLAY! EP155 - Best Selling Games, R6 Siege Rants & BYE FELICIA!

30-11-2016 Horseplay

So, Obi decided to show up. We caught up on his holidays so far and more eSports / TSE crap. BUT B4 we get into it, peep our sponsor - The Puppet Farm! http://puppet.farm NEWS: Rainbow Six... Join us for an interactive Twitch experience. Tons of shenanigans & love 4 streamers, Hearthstone, indie games, tech, & geeks! http://twitch.tv/geekyantics 646-801-2149 mail@geekyantics.net Download Episode ...

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Woman Up! Podcast #38 - Mental Health feat. Dr. Andrea Letamendi

29-11-2016 Woman Up!

MisfitsTamara and SarahTheRebel discuss Mental Health with Dr. Andrea Letamendi, host of The Arkham Sessions podcast. We also talk Star Trek and Star Wars news! Drea: https://twitter.com/ArkhamAsylumDocUnder the Mask: http://www.underthemaskonline.comLattes with Leia: https://twitter.com/LatteswithLeia Chick Picks:Motor Crush: https://imagecomics.com/comics/releas...Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn: http://amzn.to/2gAF6p3 Prefer to listen to WUP? http://Allgames.com/WUP or http://bit.ly/WUPiTunes Twitter: http://twitter.com/WomanUpShow SarahTheRebel, MisfitsTamara and ohCatrina join forces to form Woman Up! Podcast the gaming, comics and all things geeky...

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084 Files - Episode 52 - Doctor Strange Spoilercast

29-11-2016 Shieldcast

SPOILER ALERT! DOCTORE STRANGE SECRETS WITHIN - YOU MUST BE LEVEL 7 AND HAVE SEEN THE SPECTACLE THAT IS DOCTOR STRANGE TO PROCEED. DO YOU WISH TO KNOW MORE? Hello Howlers! In this weeks 084 Files episode of Agents Of Shieldcast Colonel Chaos and Agent Urquhart recap and discuss the events of Doctor Strange. Contains spoilers for Doctor Strange, Captain America: Civil War, Ant Man, Avengers: Age...

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Celebrating 15 Years of Xbox

28-11-2016 Gaming History 101

It’s about two weeks late, but the original Xbox is 15 years old now and we figured it was high time to celebrate.  As the first attempted console/PC hybrid, there’s a lot to say and talk about surrounding the history, development, and release of the original Xbox.  Fred and Jam go through all of it, including the launch titles and gaming enthusiast opinions, before finishing strong with a slew of...

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Season 10, Episode 47

27-11-2016 In-Game Chat

We’re rolling in games at the following link. Food is finished. The black and cyber days are done. Now it’s time to show off the haul. I can’t really tell you in what order I got all of these titles, but I was able to get Titanfall 2, CoD: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition, Dark Souls Download Episode ...

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Chip n Normii Thanksgiving

27-11-2016 Knuckleballer Radio

TURKEY SHOW! ENJOY! Download Episode

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Mom's Minute 11-28-2016

27-11-2016 Mom's Minute

Happy after-Thanksgiving and happy after-Black Friday sales!  Ms. H welcomes everyone to the 207th episode of the Mom's Minute Video Game Show.  Ms. H talks about the video game she played, Game of Thrones, Episode 1 which includes lively discussion on the television show by the same name. She talks about her video game field trips, stating this is the first time she talked about after-Black Friday sales.  Ms. H...

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