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PBG Podcast Episode 131

20-04-2018 Potbelly Gamers

In which our heroes discuss the new deadpool 2 and jurassic world: extinction trailers.  All this and more on another heart warming, family-focused episode of the Potbelly Gamers Podcast! Download Episode

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The B-Team Episode 465 for April 20, 2018

19-04-2018 The B-Team

Hearthstone: Witchwood Wipeout VR Ghost Recon: Wildlands PubG Marvel Strike Force Breath of the Wild Download Episode

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Midwest Gaming Classic 2018

18-04-2018 Gaming History 101

Fred and guest Matt (AgentGren) get together and talk about all the happenings at the Midwest Gaming Classic 2018.  This episode explains the main idea of the convention, the layout, the many areas, navigating the vendor booths, and of course Matt’s impression of his first time at MGC. Download Episode

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GoG S2E1 – Nananea Returns!

17-04-2018 Geek Embassy

Welcome to Game on Girl! Nananea returns in the first episode of season 2 of my original podcast. For this episode, we chat with Nananea about what she’s been up to in the five years since we originally had her on the show. She shares her experiences as a community manager for Robot Entertainment and her story about working her way into the game industry. We also talk in-depth about a...

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Mom's Minute 4-16-2018

15-04-2018 Mom's Minute

Happy Pre-Tax Day!  Mom's Minute with Ms. H Video Game Show 251st episode starts off on a lively note with discussion of two free video games she played on her PS4, Rogue Aces and Tera.  Ms. H clarified that one must use a code to access the free Rogue Aces game, otherwise you have to pay for it. That being said, Ms. H gave both video games good reviews. She...

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Chip is Asleep at the Wheel

15-04-2018 Knuckleballer Radio

Thanks for the Listen Knuckleheads! Download Episode

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The B-Team Episode 464 for April 15, 2018

14-04-2018 The B-Team

Extinction Marvel Strike Force Elite Dangerous PubG Mobile Monster Hunter: World Ni No Kuni 2 Download Episode

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Season 12, Episode 14

14-04-2018 In-Game Chat

We think that’s too much money for an Atari at the following link. Sometimes when we don’t play anything for a week, we have a reason. Maybe not a good reason, but we have a reason. Or, we just make up games for the things we did. For instance, I played Homeowner Simulator and Matt Download Episode ...

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PBG Podcast Episode 130

13-04-2018 Potbelly Gamers

In which our heroes discuss the Han Solo and Incredibles 2 trailers.  All this and more on another heart warming, family-focused episode of the Potbelly Gamers Podcast! Download Episode

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VGS Show 550 - Addy Almost Gets Tossed (4.10.18)

11-04-2018 Video Games Show

It is rare that you can pinpoint a moment where someone says something so outlandish that you can actually hear in the silence the collective think "well, this person needs to go."  This happens on this episode, and Addy said the thing.  Join Rich, Addy and Matt as they cover emails and very limited amount of gaming related news.  We resume our movie conversation as well as talk Adult Swim...

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Stan Lee, Blink Twice If You Need Us to Come Get You!!

10-04-2018 Fantastic Forum

On this episode we discuss the rumors and alternative facts surrounding Stan Lee’s elder abuse headlines. We review the the “New World Order arc in the Walking Dead and Marvel’s Damnation event. As well as the latest news Download Episode

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Game on Girl is Back!

10-04-2018 Geek Embassy

Hello Everyone. This is Regina from The Geek Embassy. If you’ve been a fan of the podcast for anytime you know we’ve gone through some changes in the past few years. We started out as the Game on Girl podcast and then expanded to become The Geek Embassy. Along with the expansion of the site much of our podcast content changed. The Geek Embassy looks at pop culture in a...

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GHX Ep 25: Dirk the Daring

10-04-2018 Gaming History 101

This week Fred and Trees reminisce on the days of Dragon’s Lair, laserdiscs, New Hammy PS2 games, plenty of community topics, and oh so much more. Download Episode

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Mom's Minute 4-9-2018

08-04-2018 Mom's Minute

Happy Monday!  The 250th episode of the Mom's Minute with Ms. H Video Game Show gets off to a fun start as she discusses the two video games she played, Fortnite and The Witness which were free on her Xbox One. Ms. H keeps everyone informed of the new video game releases and shares information about a video game event that is happening now through September 3, 2018. UFC champion...

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