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Kingdom Hearts, Part 2

30-08-2016 Gaming History 101

This week we wrap up Squaresoft’s collaboration with Disney in the original Kingdom Hearts.  Fred and Jam wrap up the campaign and then bring in guest Fortengard to discuss the secrets, bosses, and lesser known differences between versions. Download Standard Podcasts Download Episode

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Season 10, Episode 35

28-08-2016 In-Game Chat

We’re pulling levers and pressing buttons at the following link. First of all, there’s no show next week. Just want everyone to know that next week we won’t do a show, so no Tuesday update. I’ll be in Seattle for PAX where I’ll get to play Obduction in VR. Speaking of Obduction… You kinda have Download Episode ...

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Dead Pixel Live : PR ep103 8-25-16

28-08-2016 Dead Pixel Live

Dead Pixel Live can't hold it in this episode. DerrickH is joined by BillyOK while counting down the top consoles of the week. Madden17 is out. Do you need to buy it just to be one of the cool kids? Ryan Lochte's actions are compared to Hope Solo's words. Theres a quick update on the XBox One indie game Derrick is working on. Can he get Marilyn Monroe to be...

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R9cast 305: A Dark Horizon Is Awaiting Sony

28-08-2016 R9Cast

Forget about greatness. Sony’s future is not looking as bright as it was in 2013. Being complacent while your fierce and more than capable competitor is prepping an unprecedented console launch is not a wise move. Furthermore, releasing so many different hardware in close proximity is a very risky gamble. Tiltowait! Download Episode

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ZombieCast Comicbook.Com Brandon Davis

28-08-2016 ZombieCast

This week Gabe Olea fills in for Matto This week guest is Brandon Davis from ComicBook.com and the lead man on TWD Chapter of the empire --SUCH A BLAST We are ZombieCast.net Official ZombieResearchSociety Radio Show We Broadcast on all devices and cars via tune in and thru AllGames.com from the creator of G4TV PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD OF ZOMBIECASTNET AND LEAVE US A REVIEW ZombieResearchSociety Radio Show We Broadcast...

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Episode 164 - Summer Movie Podcast - August

28-08-2016 Game on Girl

For the last episode in our summer movie podcast series, we shake it up a bit and both saw different movies. I saw Star Trek: Beyond and  Rhonda saw Suicide Squad. We discuss the evolution of the Star Trek movies, and the careful consideration given to all the character backstories. There is one major critique I have for the franchise. Make sure to listen and let us know if you agree. Download Episode ...

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Chaos and roll a lot but not an ARRRRRR!

27-08-2016 Knuckleballer Radio

This weeks its Chaos and Normii Topics are current events and Life itself PLEASE LEAVE US A REVIEW! Download Episode

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Mom's Minute 8-29-2016

27-08-2016 Mom's Minute

On the 194th episode of Mom's Minute Video Game Show Ms. H shares details of her fun video game field trip to Dave and Busters and discusses the video game character of the week, Ana from Rise of the Tomb Raider.  Ms. H also mentions two movies she saw that she recommend to her listeners.  Ms. H welcomes her special guest to the show, Ben Kahn who discussed his latest...

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Hell's Kitchen Kast - Men With Fear - S02E10 - The Man In The Box

26-08-2016 Shieldcast

SPOILER WARNING FOR DAREDEVIL SEASON 2 EP 10 In this weeks episode of Men With Fear Colonel Chaos and Agent Urquhart recap and discuss season 2 episode 10 of Marvel's Daredevil titled "The Man In The Box". They also round up and discuss all the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe news. Contains spoilers for the episode as well as our thoughts and theories on Marvel's Daredevil. #Daredevil #Kingpin #Punisher...

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The B-Team Episode 379 for August 24, 2016

23-08-2016 The B-Team

No Man's Sky Deus Ex: Human Revolution Monsters and Monocles Titanfall 2 beta pc and xbox one problems Download Episode

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Super Power

23-08-2016 Gaming History 101

This week Fred and Jam celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the release of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in North America.  The duo delve into the design, hardware, regional differences, and of course the games that defined a major portion of the 16-bit generation.  As the show wraps the new game club title is chosen, what will it be? Download Standard Podcasts ...

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Episode 195 - No Man's Skyeward - 16/08/16

22-08-2016 42 Level One

This week on All New 42 Ali and Andy shoot the breeze and talk all things videogames! #Videogames #Movies #TV #Comics y'all! Tune in live on www.allgames.com every Tuesday at 9:30pm GMT (4:30 EST, 1:30 PST) and join us in the chat! Check out our website for reviews, features and the podcast archive! www.42levelone.com Download Episode ...

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Hell's Kitchen Kast - Men With Fear - S02E09 - Seven Minutes In Heaven

22-08-2016 Shieldcast

SPOILER WARNING FOR DAREDEVIL SEASON 2 EP 9 In this weeks episode of Men With Fear Colonel Chaos and Agent Urquhart recap and discuss season 2 episode 9 of Marvel's Daredevil titled "Seven Minutes In Heaven". They also round up and discuss all the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe news. Contains spoilers for the episode as well as our thoughts and theories on Marvel's Daredevil. #Daredevil #Kingpin #Punisher #itsallconnected...

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Hangin' With Chester Episode 155 - LIVE In Person

22-08-2016 Hangin' With Chester

Live from Chicago Hendrix, Bloodshot, Alphabox, gk, and Teddy Peppers sit around a table and bullshit. We all met up this weekend and had beer filled adventures. Listen as we go over the events of the weekend and shoot the shit. We had a fun time. Hopefully you have a fun time listening. Also remember to send in those emails for next week. We would love to hear what you...

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Season 10, Episode 34

22-08-2016 In-Game Chat

We’re honing our sneak skills at the following link. This is how the console generations end. With an upgrade. I’m completely fine with this. Microsoft recently laid out some intentions on where they see the next Xbox going and, if it all works, it’s not a bad direction to be headed in. We talk about Download Episode ...

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Fear the Walking Dead and NoRoom Justin Fox

21-08-2016 ZombieCast

we are ZombieCast.net Official ZombieResearchSociety.com Radio Show This week we talk Fear and NoRoom gaming dev Justin Fox stops in to talk ReElise.com came and KickStarter with a special Message for us all- WE LOVE YOU ALL all- WE LOVE YOU ALL

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Mom's Minute 8-22-2016

20-08-2016 Mom's Minute

Mom's Minute Video Game Show has a fun start with a lively music selection from the WWE2K16 video game, which is played as her intro song for the 193rd episode.  A discussion of the WWE2K16 video game she played brought lots of comments from her listeners as well as a live call from one of her listeners.  The video game character of the week featured is Faith Connors from the...

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R9cast 304: Titanfall 2 Tech Test

20-08-2016 R9Cast

Tedakin calls in to school us on the issues with Titanfall 2 MP Tech Test. Tltowait.   Download Episode

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Free Chaotic Sodoom Man

20-08-2016 Knuckleballer Radio

This week its Chaos,Sodoom and Freeman talking current and life events! Please Leave us a REVIEW! Download Episode

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Video Game News Radio - 08/14/2016

20-08-2016 Video Game News

The week's gaming news... Download Episode

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Kingdom Hearts, Part 1

20-08-2016 Gaming History 101

Despite not being able to do a live show, Jam and Fred get together and record a massive introduction to the original Kingdom Hearts.  In this first part the two go over the development, gameplay, and presumably first half of the game (they are just past Agrabah by the end of the show).  Sorry for the lack of music, there was something off in the audio file that didn’t make...

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TWTT EP58 - Christian Video Games, ReElise Kickstarter & CTAs That Work

19-08-2016 Timey Wimey Tea Time

Justin Fox is back for his second official appearance on the GeekyAntics Network. We GO DEEP as we tackle the challenges Christian video games and indie game developers face. We discuss how to set... Friends gather to discuss Doctor Who, sci-fi, fantasy, creative writing, poetry, beauty, and other things geeks speak. LIVE - http://twitch.tv/GeekyAntics SMS/VM 646-801-2149 twtt@geekyantics.net Download Episode ...

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The B-Team Episode 378 for August 19, 2016

18-08-2016 The B-Team

No Man's Sky Headlander Layers of Fear: Inheritance Monsters and monocles KC Comicon Download Episode

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All Star Batman review

17-08-2016 Fantastic Forum

On this episode Moses and Lawrence review DC's All Star Batman #1. They also tackle the week's news. Download Episode

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Hangin' With Chester Episode 154

17-08-2016 Hangin' With Chester

Alphabox, Hendrix, and gk are flying solo without Bloodshot this week. He's busy getting the flood waters off the airport tarmac in order to make it to Chicago this week. We go over the last week, talk about No Man's Sky a bit, and answer two emails. Check it out. We are bringing a recorder to Chicago. So next week look forward to a special all in person LIVE episode...

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