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Season 13, Episode 10

16-03-2019 In-Game Chat

We’ve discussed pricing of video games before. And I’m not talking about the current pricing of newly released titles where you expect the usual sixty bucks. We’re talking about older games and what you feel something is worth. And really, that’s the end of the argument, right there. What do you feel a game is Download Episode ...

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13-03-2019 Dead Pixel Live

Dead Pixel Live is more upbeat in this episode. Derrick makes an effort to be more energetic on the mic. He gives a quick breakdown of Captain Marvel and why you should ignore the haters. He also talks up the Vietnamese film Furie about a mother beating up kidnappers. We close out with a look at Triple Frontier, which is basically Ben Affleck shooting up South America ...

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Episode 314 - Beta Travis Bill - 05/03/19

12-03-2019 42 Level One

This week on 42 Ali and Andy shoot the breeze and talk all things videogames! Including initial impressions of The Division 2's beta, Ali's impressions of Anthem & Travis Strikes Again, Andy's initial impressions of Batman: The Enemy Within and Ali & Andy's continued return to Mass Effect: Andromeda after 2 years. #Videogames #Movies #TV y'all! Tune in live on www.allgames.com every Tuesday at 9:30pm GMT (4:30 EST...

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Season 13, Episode 09

09-03-2019 In-Game Chat

I’m going to talk about a game I haven’t played outside of two different beta sessions. It’s also a game I certainly have no intention of playing anytime soon, as well. Anthem is having issues. Lots of them. The game cannot catch a break in the gaming press. Every single article posted is another strike Download Episode ...

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The B-Team Episode 511 for March 9, 2019

08-03-2019 The B-Team

Crackdown 3 Zelda: BoTW Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Download Episode

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PBG Podcast Episode 172

08-03-2019 Potbelly Gamers

In which our heroes discuss finishing up Crackdown 3 achievments, Gotham and Doom Patrol and more tears from DC fans about Captain Marvel! All this and more on another heart warming, family-focused episode of the Potbelly Gamers Podcast! Download Episode

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WWF 3-6-19 AEW

06-03-2019 Women Wrestling Friends

SarahTheRebel and MisfitsTamara analyze AEW with special guest Sydney! Download Episode

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VGS Show 570 - To William Forsythe, With Love, Dirty K XOXO (3.5.19)

06-03-2019 Video Games Show

Well, you know what happens when the crew doesn't record for any extended length of time.  Yep, one of those shows.  Nonetheless, the crew gets it together enough to read emails, talk Anthem taking it one step further than Fallout 76, Apex Legends making trouble for Fortnite, Panasonic no longer making blu-ray players, random Dick Tracy facts, and so much more. Download...

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